Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dusun Besout, Trolak & Felda Residence Hot Spring. :D


mother, mia, sys farhana and sys athirah went to Kebun Besout, Trolak, for pulasan. the we enjoyed swimming at Felda Residence Hot Spring, not that far from the kebun. :D my cousin, fahmi and his family went there by their own. :D

me the youngest. others are 87' group and my mother. :D

kutip pulasan dalam kereta mama. sebab sakit kena semut gigit. ;p

kepit talipon sampai berbau masam. fahmi menari kesakitan. kene gigit semut halus warna hitam

nyor fahmi kait. manis.

kebun's scene. :)

scenic view from klah hot spring.. :D taken from sys tira's pic

the duyungs. ngeh ngeh. 

malas nak jalan kaki ke kereta. naik kereta train. ehehe

had satay hj samuri for dinner. nyummsss!

this journey took 5 hours just to reach the destination. jammed along the way and i think, the worst ever! we had lunch in the car, the "teh cerooo" day. (teh yg warna dia  cair, bahasa kelantan panggil cerooo) the dugong of sys and boiling egg. new regulation was updated from felda Resdence Hot Spring. they x allowed to bring eggs instead of buy it from the nearest counter. mahal skek. @.@ huhu. k lah. thank you for reading. :D

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