Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mixed Feeling


alhamdulillah, my group was selected as the best group for final presentation yesterday, and the best speaker is from my group mate. well done Cheras Group! :D it is like, a dream come true.. *sparkle eyes*

long story short, for this subject, we were divided into 3 group and each group have to do a short research on pollution prevention in Kuala Lumpur. the area were Cheras, Wangsamaju and Jinjang. and my group  chose Cheras for our research study. :)

another happy news is my mother will arrive so soooon, which is, today! insyaAllah, my mother and her mother, also my auntie and her hubby, are expected arrive at 6pm. i pray for them to have a safe journey and Allah bless :')

the sad part is, my pyrex bowl was missing in action, but my tupperware still there. only the bowl. why that bowl??? seriously i pissed of and sad. since i stay here (12th), i lost my bowl, TWICE! adoi.. sedih sedih sedih... T___T

that's all. the missing bowl spoil my happiness today. lesson learned. makan basuh terus! BASUH TERUS!! T____T

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