Saturday, June 2, 2012

Girls' Generation - The Boys

this is my 1st attempt of watching k-pop music video as i am actually not-so-anti but not-that-interest of k-pop genre. since my last time i heard of this song from, my first thought was, this is a new britney spears song. ahah! :p this song is not like the typical k-pop but more to english pop, like, erm, britney spears song? eh? ahahah! as this song is fully english lyrics. so that's why laa.. :P

enjoice this clip video. seriously they got sexy legs! oh my... T_T

now i know why people love k-pop so much. the best reason why is, they are very beautiful in their own way. perhaps. me is agree. but me like american girls, as in,  their beauty. beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. :D k bye!

question : is snsd the same as GG? confused. hoho


Rowena Zainuddin said...

Yaya, saya pon ingat lagu Britney Spears.
Sbb pernah dengar lagu nie sebelum nie.

Safiyya said...

kan wena? :D slang mcm britney ke ape tah. tapi lagu ni best! :D