Monday, June 4, 2012



My first movie i watched at the cinema is, The Holiday. the first cinema i stepped is at GSC Gurney Plaza. I watched the movie with my neighbors, Fatihah and Ain, when we were 18, during SPM leave.

my second movie is Qabil Qusyri Qabil Igam. eh? i can't recall the exact title. -_-'. i watched this movie with my family except my dad. my mom cried a lot. bahahaha! :P eh, sorry mom! :D

i cried when i watched Madagascar. i dont know why. people laughed but i got tears of sad thing, i guess? ahah!

the craziest moment was when me and my friends were going to watch the handsome vampire, Twilight, and by the time of the moment, the movie was at midnight because of the 1st show of a new movie was released. after i told my mom that we were going to have a midnight movie, and in the meantime, we were in the hall, started to watch the movie about 15 minutes, my mom asked us to leave the hall and go back to hostel immediately, by phone.  all of us were actually mad. hahaha! #pasummemories.

Mr Bean's Holiday. my first movie i watched at KLCC with my bestie, Azhanni. :D

Senario movie, i cant recall which one of the title,was the first movie i slept for the whole minutes. it was soooo bored! haha! i think this movie showed during Hari Raya.

My 1st 3d movie was The Centre Of The Earth. i watched this movie with my family and my cousin at Mid Valley. :)

my first horror movie was a taiwan movie, that i watched at One Utama, with a friend. the movie so-called-RM2-movie because we paid for RM8 but we only watch the movie for 20 minutes. haha!

that's all. this entry actually just a quick recall. :)

it just, matching! this image is not related to this entry. muehehe! bye! :D

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