Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trustworthy. Broken

its been a while. hi  people. i think i wanna tell you about my feeling. the feeling of hurt. because i am easily to trust people. and because of that incident, i think i can't trust people at all, even with the close ones around you.

which one can i trust, between an obviously a liar, or, a person that everybody claimed that the person always backbite for the sake of the person-self. entah. both cannot be trusted. especially, that obviously a liar. kah3. they think im stupid to trust all those words? nah, the fact is fact. even if you twisted around with a little pretty of some reasons, but still, the fact is standing still as a stilt fact.

i trust that everybody made mistakes. so do i. and if you did, just admit. not to pusing2 the words, but in the end, the thing that you were argue and deny at is still the same. i will let you off if you confess and come clean to make it clear. im happy if you do so. but if you're not,i tell you, 2 wrong things that you have done, 1st, you lie to me, 2nd, you make me upset and disappointed. a liar cannot be trusted, precisely, an undeniably a liar.

p/s : you treat me like a stranger and i feel so rough... bye!

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