Thursday, September 19, 2013

Me Against Love


when it comes to heart thingy, i mean, love, *sighhhhhhhhh* it took LOADS of effort by explaining how things go. but, surely i can say that love is about bless. im a fighter, but end up i agree that love must come with bless, then you will happily ever after with the loved ones. :)

my past relation ended as a consequence of my parents didn't bless our relationship. i was told by my parents about it during last year and asked him to convince my parents as soon as possible. as time passed by, i did not see any effort that can made me trust about the seriousness of our relationship.

thinking of my parents, i was really sure to move on but stuck in the middle of the moments we'd created before. 3 years+, its already long journey to stop. but illegally in love made me distress and awry. i really want to make it real but, i don't see any bright future if i carry on.

day by day, after i made prayers, i seek for His answer, and He gave me  the best answer which i must obey to my parents. to get married with any guy, its a must to get blessings from parents and Him. because i know, to get His blessing, i must get it from my parents. so we ended the relationship peacefully without any fight. so i moved on since then. thats all. so now, im single but not available. hihi.  may Allah ease everything. bye!


Rosmiza Ali said...

Jodoh setiap daripada kita dah ditetapkan oleh Allah sejak dari azali lagi.. Insha Allah, ada insan yang lebih baik untuk Safiyya.. Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya.. Amin.. =)

Muhamad Amirul A. said...


nur iman said...

I am single and available with permission (parents' permission) hehehe. InsyaAllah,sama2 doa ye :)