Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alhamdullilah, I'm Done With Pre-Wedding Courses. :D


i can simply said that this course is very interesting, no doubt! :D alhamdulillah, a step closer to a new phase of life. i attended this course under Persatuan Mahasiswa Kelantan Universiti Malaya (PMKUM) with collaboration of JAKIM. the fee is very cheap as i got the student price that costed only RM60 including foods. :D

this course got 11 slots for 2 days session. the slots are about, 

  1. Pengurusan Kesihatan
  2. Akhlak
  3. Perkahwinan & Prosedur
  4. Akidah
  5. Ibadah
  6. Hubungan Dalam Keluarga
  7. Pengurusan Wang & Masa
  8. Komunikasi Suami Isteri
  9. Pengurusan Stress dan Konflik
  10. Perkhidmatan Rundingcara di JAIN 
  11. Pembubaran Perkahwinan

when i went through the slots, it feels like flashing back my 4th former memories, which is when i studied those things in Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah; Munakahat. Anyway, please highlight the 3rd point of the slots because a lot of procedures have to be taken before akad, which is related to many forms to fill up. 

JAKIM had provide us a certificate to each participant. A good news is, the certificate is a lifetime validation. YEAY! :D like finally, i got my own certificate! okey, that's all...  :D

p/s : tak semestinya amik kursus kawen maknanya saya dah nak kawen. -_-' it just a step and a golden opportunity for me to attend this course. here i mention again, i have to end my undergrad education 1st. after that i can proceed my future plan.  haha. dah2. cukup2 lah mengidam makan nasi minyak n nak dapat kad wangi tuuuu. anddddd no pre wedding photo even you got the certificate of-Pre Wedding Course.. :P

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