Friday, March 16, 2012

Surprise! :D


credit picture to Fateen Innanie, blogger hebat! :D

thank you me darling for this big surprise. :D hehe. sebenarnya bukan saya dapat award tapi temankan fateen innanie untuk pegi occasion ni. :D she got 2 invitations and she asked me to go with her. haha. firstly i was like blurr and i spontaneously, i said, "yes, i wanna go! :D" but then, when she made things clear, i screamed out loud!! i wanna meet FATIN LIYANA, MARIA ELENA and HANIS ZALIKHA! and i hope i can meet them tomorrow. Allah's will.  again, thank you so much fateen!  :D :D till then. bye! 

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Juhainie said...

salam ukhwah...done follow you. ^_^.
btw, congrates for your buddy innanie for awards k..