Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Recall : Maid in Manhattan

yesterday i watched this movie, Maid in Manhattan. it was FOX movie shows, channel 413. Seems people know about the storyline, a maid accidentally fall in love with somebody, means "somebody".  the thing is, i really love those soundtracks of the movie. very sweet and melodious. aww. :D

these are the songs :

1. im coming out - diana ross
2. don't know why - norah jones
3. come away with me -nora jones
4. train on a track - kelly rowland

and the list goes on....

those songs are oldies, which sang by Norah Jones, Kelly Rowland, Diana Ross (stated few names only) i download almost all songs because they are very beautiful rhythm. :D if you reckon to watch this movie, stay tune on Fox. :p k bye!


Anonymous said...

dah tengok dah movie tu. such a good movie :)

E'in said...

kite suke lagu no 2. tu.. heeee